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My name is Monkey Girl, though you can call me Susan if you'd like.

Why Monkey Girl?  Well, my love of primates began as a young girl watching Tarzan movies.  This passion has grown untamed ever since, and I now collect "all things monkey".  It is only fitting that I named my jewelry business (some would call it monkey business) Monkey Girl Creations.

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Monkey Girl Creations is a creative hobby gone wild where I use healing and colorful gemstones and other special beads to handcraft a variety of jewelry products.  These include Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Window Jewelry (otherwise known as window prisms or suncatchers), and Bookmarks (that also serve as Pendulums). My signature lines include Chakra, Manifesting and Aura Angel jewelry for you and your home ... and are all about creating an alignment with your Self, and with Spirit.

For all of my adult Monkey life I have studied and placed great value on the healing properties of crystals and gemstones, both from a "color" as well as a "properties" standpoint. Quartz crystals are used in electronic devices, such as radios, because of their ability to receive and stabilize electronic frequencies ... so just think of the positive and powerful effects they can have on you, your health, and wellbeing!

For centuries people from many cultures and civilizations recognized that crystals possess the healing power of the earth. They utilized the mystical properties of gemstone by holding, carrying or adorning themselves with their favorite gemstones to gain benefit from their various physical, mental and spiritual healing attritubes (e.g., stress-relief, increased energy or creativity, protection, balance, focus, easing certain ailments, etc.). I love using a variety of crystals and gemstones for this reason. 

Chakra Glow Bracelet

Many of my designs utilize the colors of the seven primary Chakras, or energy centers, that run from the base of the spine to the top of the head. These products help create a balance of qi energy, peace, wellbeing, healing, harmony and beauty.

Buying a gift? Monkey Girl offers Gift Certificates as well as custom-made orders. From my large inventory of gemstones and beads I can create unique designs based on your budget, favorite colors, etc. These creations can incorporate the healing aspects of specific gemstones related to physical, mental, emotional or spiritual areas you'd like addressed. For instance, if you want more energy, the gemstone Garnet can help, or for stimulating creativity, wear Carnelian. 


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