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Welcome to the Monkey Girl Creations Products page, featuring my signature lines that includes Chakra Gemstone Jewelry, Chakra Glow Jewelry, Aura Angel Jewelry, Manifesting Jewelry, Czechoslovakian Bead Jewelry, and a festive selection of Holiday Jewelry. To make your shopping journey easier, products are arranged by the above categories, AND by product type. For instance, Chakra Glow Necklaces appear in the Chakra Glow category, and also appear in the Necklaces category (along with all other necklace products). Just click one of the links below.

All Monkey Girl Creations jewelry items are hand-strung, unique creations using a variety of stones that capture various nuances of shapes and colors. All clasps & metal beads are high-quality pewter, and earrings use Sterling Silver French ear wires. All creations include an organza gift pouch.



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