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Manifesting Window Jewelry

Hang this Manifesting "Window Jewelry" prism in a sunny window to bring the focus of Intention and Manifestion into your home ... and into your heart!Each Manifesting Jewelry creation includes the following powerful gemstones to help you to focus your intentions ... and manifest your desires!
Citrine: (yellow/orange/brown)
Hematite: (metallic luster)

Malachite: (light and dark green, other color striations)

Smoky Quartz: (tan/dark brown)

Clear Quartz Crystal: (clear)
Go to Manifesting Jewelry page for gemstone details. Small Manifesting Window Jewelry approx. length: 5 1/2".  Suction Cup for hanging Window Jewelry, and Organza Pouch, included.
Limited quantities:  1 Item Currently in Stock. 

Item #05-04-001

Price: $23  Sale price $20